and girl treatment

i want to share something i got to paint yesterday evening.
there's this thing Allison Harvard said in an interview about painting:
 I enjoy using watercolor and oil. I like to treat different parts of the face with a different kind of care. It always depends.
so i tried doing that. a "treatment". and the result is that photograph i took above. or what's in it, i mean. the body is very different from the face (try covering the top or the bottom part, to see what i try to say) but it's okay. i really like this one because, as i usually do, i put in different regions of my emotion-sphere in its anatomy. and she has this "classic" aura in her. i will try to avoid using pens now. and, the most remarkable part about what we have here is, *tada-dadaaa* i didn't use watercolour. only oil pastel. same as any art material out there in the planet, i have no idea how to properly use it, so i worked my butt off to invent my own methods. ha ha. trust no Youtube tutorial.
in other news, i am in big trouble. as usual i'd just say the initial situation and nothing else.
but yeah.
i am in big trouble.
nothing that may cause a fuss among others but something that will be very destructive to me. all the beautiful things are evil, i'm afraid. and inevitable.  i am not sure what to do anymore. i hope school comes back well and keep me busy so i do not have to lounge around, worrying and doing disasters.
please tell me what you think of that woman i have drawn above. your suggestions, etc.

i have this feeling i saw her before. . . oh well. her face is a bit common.

this is really very beautiful.

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