and the past week

who am i?

where am i?
what am i doing here?
ha ha.
no everyone, i am just kidding, i didn't get amnesia. i have been away for a long time (1 week)! well how am i doing, you might ask?

i am not good at all. there are so many things i should worry about, and i am extremely lazy, so it makes things even harder. i am hoping some powerful spirit of strength and determination possesses me so i can finally work on my thesis. but i guess there really is nobody to count on but myself, so i don't know. good luck.
i have been very problematic; can't decide whether to continue my previous three chapters of thesis work or start a new one which is more interesting, experimental, and productive.
then again, as said, i am lazy, which means i just pursued what i have previously worked on in hopes of it being an easier research/study matter. i wish i can just stop studying right now and switch to an art school instead. or get a job immediately. (please. i want money) hopefully things still go well for me.
sometimes i worry for myself all the more when i see people saying stuff like: "with God, i can do this!" or ridiculous crap like that, 'cause i can't be like them.. . . maybe faith is a random thing, regardless of how false it is, really helps? it's a great motivational factor, this God.
i don't know. meh.
Kath and  Mic and i had this small, dumb game involving the deathly friction-less floor of our college department. all in the spirit of reindeer pulling a sleigh. ha ha. i am glad nobody got hurt.
 kill me.

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