and dear child

i am so very sad while doing this. i remember that 4-year-old girl in the news who was kidnapped by four evil men during christmas day. she was missing for 12 days and was raped then with her limbs tied up and a plastic bag around her head. 
i don't think i can be happy ever again.
(i know this looks like 
Yoshitomo Nara's work. it is not my intention)
in other news, i am finished with my first collaborative art project for 2013! it's for a foreign fashion magazine, and i am so happy to be part of it although working around this time has been a slightly stressful at times. that is normal, i think. to be stressed and uptight.
a representation of me back when i was somehow bullied . i was twelvve years old then. my best friend betrayed me and tried his best to make my life hellish. job well done, motherfucker. but i'm better now.

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  1. ang alam ko 9 years old yung bata. Anyway ang cute ng mga gawa ni Yoshitomo, mas matingkad yung kulay nung kanya pero oo nga, magkahawig kayo ng gawa. Ayos.