and preview + thoughts on art stuff.

hullo, charming set of alpacas! what have you been up to?
i have finished my collaborative work with Panache

although it has not been posted yet, so for now, i only have one photo to show you. 
this was the first one approved.
it just feels quite strange now. since when i open my father's laptop, (in which he usually complains about the oily keyboard) i get a wee bit feeling of emptyness since i won't have to open Photoshop anymore and work on 'stickers' and layer-ings. ha ha. it was sure fun and i got attached a bit. i think i really learned a lot; this is my first time working with someone and having to ask approval and doing double-takes, etc. 
contrary to popular belief, i like getting critiques and having people tell me how to make my style more acceptable and 'good'. now i just feel like i can take commission stuff already. . . . .or not. i am very much worried about what people think.

in matters of me as a person (personality, behavior, and such) i can be a bit stubborn and have this "uh, so what" mentality, but it is different for my art. i get overly conscious about what people may say and i feel quite 'little' as an artist  (if i am) since there are so many *awesome* ones out there. and i love all of them. i look up to artists a lot. *^*
 in sum, as for the moment, i am probably still immature and must be even bolder in this "do what you want" thing and not be 'worried',etc.s the most important person in my life had said, "don't worry. you're very young."
so yes, i will never stop.
and i will definitely work harder.
i hope Senpai notice me this year.. . . . *-* (2013)

some doodling i did on a piggy bank... . .. which is  bear.. .. .. .so idk if this should still be called a piggy bank... ugh.
i hope you're all safe and try to avoid lonely white vans with slow music, okay?
be careful all the time.

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