and morning school

yesterday midnight i got a message from some classmate saying that it's already the Defense of the first half  of our thesis this afternoon, and i felt troubled since i am emotionally unprepared for it. i have copies of my work, though, so i knew i can manage. however, i failed to meet the panel today because they suddenly had a meeting (whoa there, fate!) so i had to go through the upcoming "this is all trash, repeat everything"- torture tomorrow.
i really want to blog right now but my eyes feel very tired.
meanwhile, in school, we had this College of Teacher Education week, students of our department basically has no classes unless the universe conspires to bring them bad luck and they get to have a trigger-lecture-happy professor. on the downside; we are required to attend such painful and cumbersome activities such as to listen to very El Shaddai-ish speeches or so-called "exhibits" of bulletin boards (my group's, included) and "artworks" of kids who obviously had plenty of pastels at home. i'm not sure what people in our university think the meaning of the word "exhibit" is. and that gets me really upset. the displays were lame as shaved sheep and they didn't even get to play The Heiress in the so-called "film showing". ugh. so much quotation marks in this blog entry. school people like misleading names, i think. or maybe i'm just overly cynical? idk.
(The Heiress is a film i directed for our literature class last semester. classic.)

below this paragraph are pictures i took this morning. as i said, i am really upset but mornings are just too beautiful and i love pale sunlight and the camera of my friend's phone is pretty neat.
hi, tree.
nice chalk shading. srsly.
is that still considered a bush? shrub? what?
please ignore the weird colour of my uniform. i darkened .it a bit by Photoscape since it looked s rangely bright

"now where's my silly guitar?"
face, if you weren't too ugly i wouldn't have cropped you out.

most beautiful sight i have seen today.

hallway pretties
i just want to be oh gloriously positive and light right
now. being the horny bunnyhead that i am is also out of the question, so that's the main reason why i didn't post here photo of very traceable butt i found behind the ever so beautiful body of girl whom i had a lovely relationshiT with. she is perfect and sometimes i just get very upset that she does not belong to me. ugh.
now go out and enjoy your existence! =)
(PS last line sounded corny, i know)

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