and sick day.

i am sick today.
i woke up at about one in the afternoon with this dream of having my beautiful headphone broken; the sounds were bubbly and distorted. it felt so real because it was occurring in my room and i realized that it was only a dream by the song which i was currently playing there. it was I Fink U Freeky by Die Antwoord, and as far as my (phone) memory is concerned, i deleted the whole Ten$ion album about two months ago. after spraining my ankle whilst dancing bythe same song. what else is creepy there, besides the apparent demise of  headphones, was that my position in the bed in my dream was the same as how it was like for real; when i woke up. dreams really are funny and i wish there's a way to record them and watch when am awake.
so yeah.
until now i haven't touched them headphones yet. i'm afraid that that dream foreshadows of what's really going to happen. (wah!)
i played music in loud speakers  instead. i listened to some tracks in The Beatles' Please Please Me album, Lana Del Rey's Born To Die deluxe (except track 2 and 12 and 15), and then Mia Pharaoh of Miniature Tigers.
having a cold is difficult especially now, there is a pimple in my nose. i don't know, my friends; i feel so unlucky again. but i think i am getting better in different aspects of myself. there was even a time in my life where i had a cold for a whole semester and a half. wow, no? i know.  now i realize it's a good thing i didn't attend that overnight party at Alm's. i would have been more upset if i was there but i can't do anything because even breathing itself seems like such a hard task.
in good news (is it?) i got to paint something today! i am glad that i have put the last page of my first watercolor pad to good use.  i did a portrait of a boy who is ill. i thought illustrating the face of an ill child is easy, but it is actually tough, man. but it's ok. i'm thinking of handing this over to my favorite professor. will he like it? gotta ask my friends first. the photo above is just a small fraction of the whole thing.i can't have it scanned yet.
my brother's glasses feels really nice and it's as though it really protects the eye. am jealous.
in other news, The Sticker Project work is going well.

goodbye everyone. please don't forget to wear something before sleeping so you won't end up like me. nasal waters run deep. especially if green and slimy. sigh.

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