and a very manly pattern of manly fish.

what we've got here is a wonderful pair of pyjamas i got to buy the other day from the thrift store. fish patterns are the best thing ever. although i regret buying it now.
realized i can't wear this outside my room and not let anyone see this at all because my mum said it looks like a girl's and she is usually right. am very upset right now because of that;  actually thought this looks ###MANLY###  i mean those are fucking tunas piled on top of each other! hardcorely blue fucking tuna! it's everything the Overly Manly Man could have wanted!
although i get myself exposed to fashion bloggers (aka Brave People who are not afraid to face society with all their eccentricity), i'm not sure if i could ever be like them in terms of expressing "me" through ways that are not done by pen and paper. how pathetic.
i also think it would look nice on me when i become someone's husband and we drink coffee and breakfast ad stuff you usually see on TV show intervals. you know those type of crap when the wife wears the top part of a sleeping uniform and the hubby wears the bottom part and they peer over the veranda in a flimsy morning and lean on each other while sipping tea or whatever? i want that. it seems so beautiful and ~~~sex-y~~~  something you might see in a Photography students' portfolio too. yes.
here's a list of other incredibly things usually occurring in TV commercials i want to experience:
- running after someone in the rain and asking her to forgive me and she gets near and i throw away the umbrella and we play Who'd Your Daddy Now kiss
- playing water in a clear-watered river/stream
-snowfight *sobs* . . .snow. . .
- cooking together.
- texting everyone to attend a party at night like those you see in mobile and SIM network ads
- eating nutella. yes, please.
- meeting nude angels who will ask me what my favorite biscuit is and handing it over to me
- seeing people becoming raped by bacteria and me having an orange-y semi-transparent shield that is rather very protective because i drank Vitamin C supplements
- the ability to breakdance because i ate a bar of chocolate
- being really old and still having a romantic wife because we grew together with particular brands of biscuit.
if you are not familiar with this stuff i'm guessing your from another country or you're like me who switches the channel when the ads are on and only gets to watch them when remote control is in sister's hands.
-i hope you kids are in a happier state now.-

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