and alien sightings.

NOTE: if you are an easily offended person in terms of hearing other people get insulted by another person, or afraid of mentally-crafted semi-creative descriptions, do NOT read this post. am going to be unnecessarily and critically harsh in the following paragraphs, so yes. move on to other humble passages of my blog instead.
you know that moment in your life when you see something you find revolting and you try to avoid it because it really is bothersome yet you still want to look and look at it? that happened to me on my way to school today (yay! Saturday class) when i got across sitting with four incredible-looking homosexuals during travel. okay, i am NOT against gayness or anything. actually it's quite cool and impressive sometimes and most awesome people i appreciate are gay, but these four were really different. they had strange appearances as though some mad scientist had experimented on them. like, the two (see: first 2 from L-R in photo above) had huge, strong-ish manly bodies and then "revealing" clothes. if you put a couture dress inside a milkfish, that's how it goes like.

the first one had a big belly and the v-opening on top of her blouse was wide and showed the seemingly-AIDS-infected-chest within. his make-upped face resembled a sheet of paper where a mentally ill child used a crayon to throw tantrums on, and he was really really big.

the next creature i saw resembled Lana Del Rey in simplicity of clothing. white sleeveless shirt and pants, but his wholeness totally resembled something else. his appearance was the type that would get along with these men. you may remember an antique shiny potpourri vase along with his head. sorry.

the next one was very alien-like. his face was small but the eyes were almond-y and the nose appeared li8ke that of a martian described by H.G. Wells in War of The Worlds. looked like rubber, too.
and the last (rightmost) looked closest to the common human-being prototype, (it's the shades, probably) but nonetheless unphotographable.

as i was saying, i don't mean to do this as a "pure-insults-blog-entry" or anything of that context. am explaining it to you right now in manner of scientist objectifying a new skin disease.
there's just some urge in me to write this all down since i am being quite terrified and afraid of having to dream such figures tonight.

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