and post-christmas

with cousin Loops. that balloon i am holding has a very beautiful colour. i am so sad i didn't take it to my room immediately. it was STOLEN afterwards.
 i totally achieved my goal of spending the christmas day just sulking in my room and trying to show everyone how unimportant this day really is. congratulations, Shin.
and then this afternoon, about 5pm onwards, i left home for a while to go buy a pen with bestfriend Gasp. it totally sucked since there wasn't the kind of pens i was looking for in the supplies store we went so we ended up just eating shrimp balls in the mall and french fries. i paid a good much of everything since i got some money yesterday from my sister. this day had been really fun and we had a knack on counting how many lame teenagers are wearing those cheap varsity jackets. ha ha. we saw 36 of them!
and then we also went to another mall, a very sad, almost abandoned one with a cinema and so many empty stalls. i really feel bad for it.  but then there's this one spunky shop there selling pre-owned japanese plushies and clothes! i bought three fun plushies (actually, four. Gasp has one).
aw~*** aren't they cute??? *_* i forgot the name of that monkey. i think it's Kukumallu or something hilarious like that.
this looks like one of the hosts in TMZ. i don't know her name. since this was just done in a scrap of paper, i tried drawing it again. such beautiful watercolour accidents can only happen once. how lonely.
i hope you got nice presents! i didn't get any! yay.

in other news, i am very very addicted to this song by Natalia Kills. totally opened up my eyes for a strange, art genre i call mini-maximalism. my mind just keeps on forcing me to drink and not drink the kool-aid all night long. couldn't sleep. controversy. uh-huh.

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