and the unwritten faults of learning restraint.

today i went to the smoky place to buy myself a gift. the watercolor pad. and i did. i also found a copy of FHM with Naya Rivera on the cover which my bestfriend (who's a big, big, fangirl of glee) craved for since then. so we also met and she bought it.

i was quite proud of my newfound skill in repressing myself from buying books, that is healthy since i still have books here and i am trying to save money. it is totally the opposite of how i'd been like before. however, it got me lonely today since  there had been these photography books there that was quite expensive but it had a  two-for-the-price-of-one last week when i saw it, for some dumb unexisting reason, i didn't buy it. now i am regretting everything since the promo was gone. srsly, WHY? where's the christmas spirit in you guys?
that store is really bull crap. they have two floors and in the upper floor, there wasn't a storekeeper at all. and i needed assistance. ugh. i hate those people. i noticed that so many public-service companies lack efficient employees, and that is very bad. the most abundant kind they have are rude, idiotic, and very unprofessional ones. regardless of your degree in education, guys, surprise surprise, YOU HAVE TO BE POLITE. Shin really has a rude mind and is incredibly honest when necessary, but to strangers, he is polite. be like me, everyone. ugh. why don't you.
there's this book there of child photography published in 1980s. i just wanted to cry because it's all too beautiful.. .. especially this one.
no, this is not firemen porn. the story, according to the caption, is that these two guys just went inside a building and they lacked oxygen and had to share it. i didn't get the explanation either, no. but who needs them? aaaah~  did you ever want to be a fireman when you were  kid? my nephew Sam does. i wonder of he had this in mind....
here's another thing i am absolutely dying to have. more than a bubble gun, actually. and that's saying a lot.
i wish i can do something like this with Edda!

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