and life getting better; thanks to photo-mixing.

this is basically just a follow-up to what i had previously written.
i have no school days anymore, not until 2013 (hurrah for ever) so i think my blog will really be dull and unupdated not unless my father lends me his laptop more often, like how he did today. (all day long i have this.) unfortunately the internet is very very very slow; even twitter DPs can't be loaded half the time. .
i guess Shin really lives a kind of life where everything supposed to be convenient always comes with a terrific downside. like, i have nice facial features (apparently) but then i have pimples. i can draw, but i don't have a scanner, and my hand trembles a lot. i have plenty of books, but my eyes are already well damaged. congratulations, Shin. *rolls eyes*  for that matter i really envy people who get to have what they want. however problematic their love lives would be,  they are materially complete. i envy them. i envy everyone. ugh.
it can be said that this photo is a "preview" of the work i'm collaborating/working on. i dub it as The Sticker Project, since it's like i am putting stickers on a photos of someone.. heehee. i don't know if you know that person i'm working with, but that person (see? am not even telling if it's a he or she! Shin makes a good secret-keeper) is pretty big on that person's field of interest! hah! young man above is baby Dylan
there are some matters i need to discuss with the deciding regions of my brain right now;
1) will i go to school tomorrow? for Saturday class? where we will have a not-to-be-recorded examination and my professor will lend me his copy of The Trial by Franz Kafka?
2) will there really be another christmas party underneath the supervision of our class adviser? will i attend?
3) will i attend overnight party in friend Alm's place? where there's apparently beer and adult stuff?
4) will i buy a huge, expensive watercolour pad?
5) will i pursue living this life?

gaaah~*** i don't know! i am terrible at making decisions. basically because i tend to regret everything.
i wonder how it would feel when one day you took a photo of yourself and then when you check how it looked, you saw someone else's face instead. ha ha.  that kind of incident happened to me once in a side mirror. i mentally freaked out. always in my mind only. my physical self reacts delayedly all the time.
as always, in the end of every journal entry, i get this sensation that i have something else important to write, but when i rack my brains (oftentimes i bang my head in the wall) for anything to say, there's nothing. which leads me to this conclusion that Shin is actually just a skull of negative helium. what.

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