and difficulties in thinking of titles of entries

hi, my name is Shin.
this day (Saturday) was spent by not going to school and working on secret art project. i have been busy in front of (my father's) laptop all day and checking my Interaction feed in twitter. truth is, i get miniscularly nervous when checking other people's connections with me in social networking sites. there really are haters in the internet (like me) (?). i am afraid of interactions yet i;m always kind enough to check those. well, maybe i am a masochist.
yeah. maybe? since i like it when i get slapped on random body parts or in the process of getting pimples removed? i am not very comfortable with labels, so i guess i will not call myself that. however, there are other proof of me being such an M, like, watching horror films although i get totally freaked out (mentally! only!) and at this time of the night, even, i am listening to this horror game soundtrack by Gary Ashiya. some tracks are pretty scary. check them out.
as said, i am working lovingly on the Sticker Project, and i am impressed by me!  Shin is an efficient, fast, and very open-to-suggestion collaborator! i work hard, don't i?
well you probably have no idea, blog, but yes. i do. i noticed that when i really enjoy something, i tend to not be lazy on it and spend every free time, which is basically all the time (Shin is a free man) working on it. same with the Bulletin Board project. this, behold, my friends, is a very good thing, i think. my partner in this art project also said i am being professional. (HAH!) thank you.

in other news, i went out to a smoky land (let us not call it 'city') to mail that letter + other stuff i have for a friend. but they were all closed. i ended up buying pen refills instead.
actually, i was supposed to buy watercolour pad too. but when i was at the store, it just felt wrong and unnecessary.  now i am back home, i regret not buying it. weird, huh.
i reckon i really should not touch books these days. i browsed a bit in that bookstore today and got a headache that disappeared only when i listened to Lana Del Rey's Paradise EP. which really makes sense, since it is one of the most beautiful records ever. not a record that is described "beautiful", ladies and men, but a beautiful entity, in  form of a record.
i was talking about this song with Eda and described the it like this: "it's like Lana being a giant god getting  up from all over your body and i go like 'ah ohmygod she's coming what do i do where do i run' " and it is accurate. contrary to what haters say, Lana Del Rey is not an anti-feminist. in fact, Paradise Edition is as glorious as it is empowering. as my friend said, "Lana can be submissive but nonetheless powerful". she surely isn't one of us, guys. Lana is something else. look at how far up in heaven she takes you by Bel Air. awesome. paraiso at its finest. i love you.

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