and moodboard + the lost virgins

i want to make this my blog header. what do you think?
there's this website i discovered featuring vintage photos of young, innocent-looking boys naked and in lame poses. usually accompanied by a mundane object. i want to share it with you but i am afraid you'd just judge me. and i am quite greedy with the things i enjoy. especially guilty pleasures like that.
i swear i am not gay and i do not get excited by penis at all. truth is, i have never been into drawing males much. until now. i have become really reflective since i am almost always alone (when the imaginary friends were not around) and i am learning to translate my feelings into paper. drawing these virile boys is really fun and quite addictive. although i can do basically only one pose.
these drawings are further and deeper studies of what i wrote about lust in a previous journal entry. they are victims of new tall waves of emotions, hormones, corruption of innocence, and the inability to take a hold of themselves. they do not know that they are victims. or probably, they do. but ignorance is much preferable than fighting beautiful feelings.
corrupt me.

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