and things getting out of hand

so our little Baby Dylan has to go back to somewhere in Europe now along with his mum who happens to be my sister. i don't know, but when i woke up today and they weren't around i felt a little sad and helpless. more because i didn't get to say goodbye to the kid than because i have been "attached". Shin tries not to get attached to any particular human being. to objects, yes, that's cool. anyways, so i feel really lonely and it is always a bit weakening when you know some things got a bit out of hand just like that. well actually, nothing got out of hand. i just liked that phrase and thought it's appropriate to how i see most things that---uh--get out of hand. ugh.
had to use carrot pattern applied in another photo  because internet connetion just won't let me view outer space images.
i had to think positive. now i can play loud music since there'll be no sleeping baby around! (only sleeping adults!) hello, Lana Del Rey in speakers! yay.
later today i am planning to go to a school supplies store and buy a watercolor pad. i hope things go well for me.
spells pedophile all over it.
 i cleaned the house today. simple shit like dishes and floor and rooms. it is important to write that in since that rarely happens. dreams do come true.

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