and a very "used" sketchpad for sale.

have you swallowed a firework yet, person?
that's great, then.

i am in a very uncelebratory spirit right now. i wish i had a big flu today. the type that will keep me dazed and see everything in a blurry, sad manner. i like that. at least, during festive seasons. damn i really wish i could teleport. i'd be in freaking Disneyworld right now getting it down with mascots if i could. mascots are the best.
as i have tweeted, i have finished my sketchpad used during the final quarter of the year. i am very happy with the doodled rigmaroles inside it since i think it holds very notable parts of my thoughts and desires. congratulations, Shin. you have again documented just how lustful the virgins like you are. yay.
you can totally buy this one now. it's like purchasing a very huge, notable part of me. but then again,why would you.
this is the back cover. which turned out to be the front, too. idk. notice how the minimal design is articulated? isn't it great? . . . no.
you can click any of the words in this sentence to see more drawings to be found inside this awesome "book" of lame untalented illustrations whom i have entitled HYACINTH.

now i am just looking forward to using my second sketchpad. what a good way to start 2013! i'll probably just lock myself up in my room all this time now. unless i am at school. sorry, self.
2013 will be an awesome year.
there will be lots of deaths.
let there be blood.
oh darling. let's get married this year.

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