and habits.

hi, people.
i was pondering just now over how awesome it could be if there are actually animals reading my blog too. will there ever be a time when i can get comments such as "i'm a raccoon and i can relate to you a lot! keep it up, man." or even a simple "baa--baa--baa" would do. ugh. if you're an animal (reptile, fish, bird, amphibian, anything) and you actually read my box universe, pray tell me so. i would love to hear your opinions.

how are you doing?
i am just fine. i think i get these incredible waves of dazed-ness and confusion every once in a while and it hurts quite a bit. but am okay. i also get pissed off quickly at twitter and facebook people these days. i am never not annoyed at them, but it's different now. sometimes i feel like i roll my eyes so much that their sockets loosen a bit and sooner or later my eyeballs will finally roll off.  for that matter, i decided to create  a new Facebook account. another reason for doing so is that my real name is Shin Oderschvank and i don't want people to think it's Shin Oh. at this point in my life, i reckon am already truly sure of who am i, (or at least, most of what me consists) and it's all good. i know now what will make me angry and sad and happy. although i get surprised with new triggers of old emotions every once in a while too. it's okay.
are you like Shin who eats a banana in the middle of the witching hour? contact your local cable operator now.
i have not been sleeping all too well lately. for a consecutive number of days now i fall out at about three thirty am and wake up in different times. today i woke up three in the afternoon. i really want to be "normal" in terms of routine and actions, like, sleeping regularly at ten and waking at seven in the morning, etc. Shin is a person of habits, srsly, it just so happened that his habits and methods of living are--uhh--a bit peculiar.
i don't want to be the kind of person who is likely to represent a Wong Kar Wai or Wes Anderson film character in how i live. i want to be like, Haruki Murakami, who gets to create beautiful, intricate, and strange stories albeit the monotonous and uptightly scheduled lifestyle.

please don't forget to drink water always and avoid men in masks this christmas season. have a nice day.

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