and Adobe Photoshop

i like mixing things up visually. maybe sonically and in other ways too, if i know remixing audio and stuff, but i don't. maybe i can try combining verses of different poems? wait, has anybody ever thought of doing that? (please tell me no.) ugh. there are so many things to do with the internet.

"um guys i think i'm obsessed with sum1 but am not sure. what do u think"
what we have below are some of the slides in the powerpoint presentation i did for our seminar. these are my favourites. posted neither chronologically or continuously or whatevs. 
ugh. i hate how i have what i completely must say in mind during random times and when the keyboard is here below my fingers all the thoughts just go away. how do other people save themselves from that illness? tell me your suggestions =)
i tried to make a bubble solution today using dishwashing liquid, water, and sugar (online formula says so) it works, although only one bubble per blow and it dies young. tell me your suggestions on that, too.

---in the mean time, it's beautiful music time again; here's the theme song of my high school mind

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