and Justin Beiber being funny and filipinos over-reacting.

so if you do not know about the latest news involving the death of Manny Pacquiao's dignity as a boxer after falling asleep in the middle of the fight, it goes something like this, Beiber edited photos that are hilarious.(see: his instagram) BUT i guess not reading the following paragraphs would be healthier. i don't know. i never intended to put anything Justin Bieber-related in my blog, or anything in resemblance to my life (e.g; twitter) ever, but circumstances comply.
i am just really pissed off at filpinos right now.
okay, Bieber, (or Beiber. never known and never cared) obviously made fun of Manny Pacquiao's sudden slumber but THAT, my friends, is not reason enough to trend something as idiotic and unwell-thought-of and as conceited as #RespectThePhilippinesBeiber . for fuck's sake, Manny Pacquiao is in NO way the representative of FILIPINOS. him being extra-rude (and sorry, but i found the photos funny, too) to the so-called People's Champ is not equal to not respecting filipinos in general. don't get me wrong, i am not on his side here (or is it her?) . besides, on Money Pacquiao getting knocked out, what's the news in it? every boxer's goal is to bring his enemy to painful oblivion. the man knew what he signed up for. i have no pity for him whatsoever.
my point is, filipinos really ~*LOVE*~ themselves way too much. (more on being ironic than anything) and they think everything with Manny Pacquiao or Charice Pempengco or three-stars-and-a-sun in it is their whole nationhood in microcosm. this trend is just a further invite for foreigners to be really insulting.
filipinos want to go all over the world being dominative and "proud" but they are just, oh so fucking sensitive.
can't handle anything except American Idol contestants who barely enjoy having filipino blood in them appearing on TV. god.


  1. Found your blog through your twitter through one of my fave blogger, Panache ^-^ your doodles are awesome btw!!

    And just my two cents!
    In my own eyes and experiences, the reason why we're so proud of our race is that we often hear stories about racism towards our kind..lol

    and we Filipinos kind of being known for strong family values or I-got-yer-back-bro attitude..Also we've been too attached w/ label Filipinos-have-crab-mentality and this is our generation's attempt to let go and erase that branded impression..

    That's just me talking though..
    In relation to the issue, I'm no wayyyy Beiber fan nor hardcore Manny pacman fan too.. I didn't even heard about the issue until it trended.. I laughed it all off, tbh..

    All in all, it's just 3 things,
    You're right Filipinos are so god-damned sensitive.
    Or there is something that goes deeper and misunderstood.
    Or, all of the above ;)

    1. you have good points here! i am enlightened =)