and Lady Tremaine

Lady Tremaine (12" x 16")
all the watercolour drawings i have done lately has hair that looks like that of above, i think it is very much inspired by the ideal retro housewife, which appeals to me a lot. idk. however, that painting seems really vile and bitchy. i think she gives off this evil stepsister aura, so i named her with the family name of Cinderella's stepparent and sisters. this one is probably the youngest and she was not yet born during the filming of the movie.

i am still not pleased with how my works look. but i guess i am improving.
this expresses my feelings quite well
i am looking forward to New year's Eve celebration because there will be food. i don't like how time flies. i barely get sleep. i hate everything.
last night i was about to go to 7-eleven and buy a sundae. it was about three am.. . . but i met an angry dog, and he had friends to support him also. so i just went back and forced myself to sleep.
obviously not pleased with anyone. hah.
i am supposed to think positive and look forward to 2013. but i just can't. it feels like all things i want are bringing me down.
except my darling love~
who does not care at all.

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