and my imaginary friends. (Why-I-Don't-Have-A-Girlfriend-Yet-Series pt.1)

>i realized that all this time, the lens of my phone camera had a plastic protector sticking to it and that's why all the pictures were quite unclear. meanwhile i have already retrieved my files in the memory card. but the infection is still there, i think. now i'm just using my phone camera for taking random images. i feel like i got a DSLR now although it has still the basic 2 megapixel perception. ugh. but look how good it is! managed to capture my ghostfriends in camera, too!

"look, mum. i have friends."
Dylan will leave for Tahiti with his mum (my sister) next week.
lovely clutter.

now i'm just like one of those male filipino bloggers who call themselves "awkward" and post slutty photos like this in order to get compliments and hate anons and then be cynical to events in society.
i wish my whole self is as puffy as the head. there's this unhappy part between my jawline and cheeks that is saggy and has strange fat in it. photo says blowfish because that's basically what my face is about. in manners of texture and--melancholy.
***in other news***
i received a facebook message from someone very important to me this morning *o*!! i am really happy and my heart just topsy turvied (so did i) for real. i hope that person sends me more messages. please. you're my personal god. i love you.

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  1. oooh saw baths a few weeks ago! my favourite song that is. anyways, i have seen machine girl it's one of the better ones with decent production quality and not so much cgi imposed blood haha. i liked what you did with that photo with the baby and the giffing shapes :)