and the preference of lovely females (Why-I-Don't-Have-A-Girlfriend-Yet-series pt.3)

i don't have anything to say right now. except the Beatles For Sale album is really fun. 
and, drawings i did the other day;

i have no idea what any of these means.
i just realized how unfortunate life is for me. i guess that cliche quote "bad guys get the good girls" is real. i don't know, folks. but they really oftendo. do girls really prefer "men" with past lives of being cigarette addicts and has tendencies to rape them any time whether they're alone together or not? is being "manly" in terms of big bikes and leather and shit, the requisites of what an ideal MAN should be? or in the preferences of a loverly female, at least? maybe.
but i have no idea how it goes in general, since i am absolutely thinking of only one particular girl in mind.
sucks to be replaced by some pervert who is known for distribution of multi-coloured drugs.

girls may scream over The Beatles, but at the end, most would rather get themselves banged by Ramones members and the like.
sorry for the over-generalization. my opinions really tend to suck.

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