and the "Blow Bubbles Campaign" (Why-I-Don't-Have-A-Girlfriend-Yet-Series pt.2)

hi everyone.
so many unexpected things occurred today. and also last night! i really write about this project i am doing with a new friend, but i don't think i should. Shin's life has been a very good example of how telling people anticipated stuff makes wonderful disappointments, so yeah.
today, i finally had my seminar along with colleague Nikki. it was a bit upsetting since most of my exellent classmates were out, and only the dull ones were left, except for my very very  friends like Kath and Erlyn and Pau. the first two girls i mentioned were our masters of ceremony, and they really did step up their game with how they hosted the event. i had laughs and i think our gang of friends had really improved ourselves throughout the semesters.
in the afternoon i bought a small bottle of blow bubbles (you know, the ones for kids. it's formation resembles that of a nail polish's. i find it hard to describe. how do i even google that) for Dylan. he's an eight-month-young baby and is pretty innocent on basically everything. he makes very funny reactions over new things every once in a while and i remember a particular chapter of the Yotsuba&! manga where she (Yotsuba) had immaculate fun for bubbles. i wanted baby Dylan to experience that, too. especially since he'll be leaving along with his mum to Tahiti next Monday (i am going to be sad. but can probably use full blast karaoke speakers now. hurrah). 

ugh okay enough for excuses. I LOVE BUBBLES, OKAY. i fucking love bubbles. i love using the air in my lungs to create these wonderful little transparent but still colourful spheres of the universe floating in midair as though saying "fuck da police" and stuff like that! BUBBLES MAKE ME HAPPY! OKAY!!!!?!

now i've been thinking of John Lennon and Yoko Ono's "Stay in bed.Grow your hair" campaign being one of the most beautiful peace -phrases ever and i want to promote something like that (laziness!). it's just unfortunate how i didn't get to take good pictures because i'm just using self-timer of 2mp camera  , but you got the message, right?
"do not smoke weed anymore. do not rape. do not corrupt. do not unlove. let's all just blow bubbles instead. contribute something beautiful."
and in case you have access to the gun-like bubble-spitting ones, please buy it and use it everywhere. (or mail it to me. god)
bubbles are literally the best thing ever.
i wanted to look all tired and fucked up (A for effortless) so people's see how bubbles can give you an all-time-high too.
in today's afternoon our class had a small christmas party. i was the only one who didn't get a gift. i didn't give any anyways, but it was fun. it was totally unplanned but almost everyone cooperated and there were hilarious games and handmade showering of junk food. i don't have pictures to post.

now i want to post some slides from the powerpoint i presented today but my father is acting pitiful-dog-ish already because i'm taking an hour/s here in his laptop. maybe i can do that tomorrow.

did i say already that today is our last school day for 2012?

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