and "sneak peek" of "work"

source: her twitter

deciding whether to post this or not has been a dilemma in my mind since Ms.Wendy tweeted it in December 16. i don't know. i just feel really nervous about the whole thing, and the act of  making sneak peeks. we had been working through Facebook and Photoshop for a while now. sending ideas back and forth. this is my first time working with somebody and i realize it really is fun and it feels like i am being more productive compared to doing things just for myself.
basically i had to draw on her pictures taken by a particular Jonathan Rae.
i dubbed this whole activity of ours as "the sticker project", since i made some doodles revolving around certain themes (Junji Ito, bunnymen,  and others)
i hope this "product" of ours really get somewhere nice and more people get to be interested in having fun "art stuff" time with me when this all gets out.
for those of you who do not know, Ms.Wendy is panache halloweentown, she is one of the most remarkable bloggers right now due to her unique, horror-themed approach to fashion and overwhelmingly unique GIF photobooth edits. hehe. she's also really sweet and her boss is "cool", apparently.
this is obviously not a part of the preview. just a reminder to Shin that the upcoming apparent world's end should not encourage laziness. hee hee. but yeah. we can call the a "workplace"
she sent me a link to this video one work-night (yep, her taste in music is pretty neat, too)
but then i was like:
maybe by next week i may be done with this already and we just have to find a magazine where she can submit the whole thing and when my presence would at least take part in her awesome site. that will surely feel great and i might just take screenshots of everything when she gets to post it. i might post the first unrevised works, too. and the stickers! if dear Panache Halloweentown would say it's okay.

please look forward to it too!

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    ofcourse it's cool! but we will definitely chat about that :D