and Memory Card amnesia.

there is something worse than not having pizza on a lonely night or losing your kidney after an accident in a game of Javelin Throwing. and that, my friends, is having the well-kept virus of your phone finally take action and ruin everything. i had to attach my memory card in my friend Mic's laptop because of the powerpoint presentation i had to put up for our thesis defense, and thanks (ugh!) to some superb antio-virus defense mechanism her computer has, the folders of my SD transformed into deranged, relatively unhappy .exe files and now i can't open them in my cellphone (or computer) anymore.. i am very very very upset right now.
what about my Lana Del Rey albums? what about my eBook copy of The Virgin Suicides? what about MY THESIS??? GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH.
(sorry.) i hope i get to fix things up once and for all because nothing's really worse than a memory card having amnesia. it's like am losing identity as much as my phone itself. i may never be happy again.
goodbye, my little fellows.
here are other things that occurred lately;
my brother, along with some friends got beaten up by anonymous men somewhere far from here. this may sound weird, but how i envy him. i think there's some fulfillment being passed on when one is beaten and gets lots of bruises and stuff from a fight. it's really manly and adult-ish and everyone should experience getting awfully hurt and kicked in their lives every once in a while. physically or otherwise.
i didn't attend our Field Study activities today (going to a kids' school and then high school and observing teachers) because i needed time to be just alone with myself. and that i surely got; day was spent pacing around everywhere inside that crappy room of mine. was thinking of what to do and W H Y questions and getting upset.

new pimples have arrived and they're really huge.
and then of all the things my mind could put it's involuntary concentration on, it's this song. Spend Spend Spend by The Slits. srsly, planet Earth. wha the hell.
i'm just really really lonely right now and i sure don't know what to do with this life anymore. kill me.

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