and back-to-school vibes

hi everyone.
actual picture of me in terms with going back to school. uuugggghhh
i am somehow very excited to be back in school, for the last time! since i am a senior college student now.
i know~ i seem too young (but looks too old), but yeah. i am both sad and happy it will all be over. this feels like a great curtain of a stageplay in my life is closing.
i want to make the most of my last two semesters. i don't really have extracurricular school activities and not many friends, so idk what to do. all the magic i will try to absorb and exhale are probably intrinsic and pretensiously artful, which is okay.

now that i think of it, i won't actually be studying much anymore! i'm gonna be basically on observing-period, in which we come to different schools and learn hands-on teaching and stuff. we have to do thesis too. ahhh~ it's all boring to talk about.

here are photographs to influence my psyche and behavior, aesthetics, etc.
V I B E S :

and being this ~professional teen blogger extraordinaire~ that i am, here are the
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see you in school, folks!