and Because. . .

sometimes i think of my life and my heart just gets filled with bad black ink and my whole body aches because i get too stressed out for matters taking place and past woes and future tragedies.
i try to keep a positive perspective of things because they say it invites good vibes but in my current situation it is quite difficult.
there are just so many sad things and people that make me mad and sad and i feel so alone everyday. the more people around, the more i feel alone. and i am worrying about a tons of shit. i don't always worry, but they are always there. my feelings are shadows hanging in midair, crawling around, following me like an umbrella giving hell a panoramic point of view of me. it's not so much fun.
the world in general is beautiful, as i said so before, but idk. sometimes eyes are too blurry from tears that you can't see clearly anymore.

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