and This Is England

so this appreciation screencap-inspiration post should have appeared sooner. but i had been too busy contemplating suicide these past days that i totally forgot about it. also, i've been totally into Sherlock (the BBC series) and is currently going through the overly heartfelt pains of yearning for the 3rd season.

This Is England is a very good movie. visually and morally. the characters are real, you can totally love or hate them and you'll still find it all okay in the end. it does not pretend to go deepshit or whatever. maybe this could be placed on the coming-of-age genre.
i liked the clothing and cinematography very much.
my feelings, especially when on a hint of admiration, is always difficult to write about, so nevermind me and look at these low-quality (idk why. is saved them properly. as a GIF.) screencaps i took.
note that these do not go accordingly to the sequence of scenes in the film.

look at all those colour schemes! and the juxtaposition!
goddamnit i wish i have their clothes! and the accent.
i almost forgot to say, but their nicknames were also very interesting! Lol, Milky, Tubs, Smells, Combo, Cynth, etc. cool, right? it somehow made the plot premise more interesting.

i swear This Is England is a bittersweet feel-good feel-bad sociorealist neighbourly eye-candy movie. it's good.