and ADHD!

✻ H E L L O ! ✻ ~
my name is Shin Oderschvank.
i am both feeling great and bad at the moment.

but that is not particularly the purpose of this entry.

i just wanted to show off some little achievement i have got in my pocket this month. yours truly was featured in ADHD magazine's latest issue! *insert mandatory audience clap* i swear i loved that digital mag since. and then one time Mavy Dolly suggested me to email to them some of my works and then later i heard from them and they sent me some questions (interview!) :) it's really fun and the feeling of seeing my work in their publication is sort of--uhh--idk. i actually cringed a little because i thought my works didn't look very nicely on layouts (aaahhhh. my fault. entirely.) but it was fine. the feeling of being there is overwhelming enough. i hope nobody hated me being the first article in the issue! :[]
PS; you are wrong. although i am always thought of having more than one certain mental and behavioural diseases, this magazine is not about that. it is if anything probably more of ADHD in terms of aesthetic shits, etc. or probably it's all about the HD-ness of it being a digitally released quarterly. i don't really know. i should have asked!
PSS; i am now about to post more pictures from the publication. if you didn't hear from me in three days' time chances are i am in jail because of screencapping their issue, sitting idly beside seminarian molesters, nuns with guns, etcetera.
PSSS; there are other pages of my feature that is not included here. i'm trying to lessen the chances of getting into jail here.

i might post the actual texts of the interview some time later. perhaps once they release a downloadable version in their Facebook page. but why wait and be lazy? YOU CAN READ THE MAGAZINE in it's glorious entirety RIGHT NOW. BY CLICKING THIS VIOLENTLY CAPSLOCKED SENTENCE. i swear the other features are fun too. and the past issues (i wish they make hard copies aaah i love hard copies (wut)).


in other news, it had been raining for some while now. summer has quite ended (for this week. the weather is mad anyways) and it is flood season already. i just get really scared whenever it rains strongly because our town's humble little chocolate river might fill up and extend it's waterly surfaces to the streets of town and if wild enough, to our household.

also i have not been painting for a long while now. like , since one week before school started, i think. i don't know. i just want to give it a rest for some time and get back at it when my heart is ready once more (wtf am i saying).
there are some matters i somehow look forward to, but i can't talk about them yet.
one thing i can talk about however is this little set of images i am gonna have for print this Thursday. it's all for my notebooks & journal. i did this instead of my massive pile of stupid homeworks and with brave ignorance of my growing collection of thesis-related MS Word documents.
life is too much fun to spend worrying, my friends. idk.