and his being one of the most unreliable bloggers on the planet.

the latter paragraphs of my previous blog entry was stupid because i said (hereby i quote;) 
"one thing i can talk about however is this little set of images i am gonna have for print this Thursday. it's all for my notebooks & journal. i did this instead of my massive pile of stupid homeworks and with brave ignorance of my growing collection of thesis-related MS Word documents."
so i said this ^ though i have actually forgot to post the image i meant to put up with it! lol i am an idiot.
it's this;
i want to use this to decorate the cover of my notebook in Creative Writing (as seen Here) but that particular notebook is passed on to the teacher's office, so i can't. my cover-designing life is SO exciting because  we had to buy this Field Study handbook and the teacher says we can make stuff for it's cover too! hurrah hurrah hurrah. the gods of collage are blessing me~
but regarding blog-matters i am in reality somehow miserable because i just discovered terrible typo errors in my old entries. my heart just breaks too badly when i notice them at a time when they already got more than three views (my maximum number of views, tbh. god i'm so popular ha ha)

meanwhile, here is a DOWNLOAD LINK to ADHD Magazine's fourth issue (themed; The Kids Know) where i am featured! click this, baby <3

last night i thought of how there are many going-pns in my life that i never get to write here. i have two reasons why it's so;
1) i don't want to tell everything.
like yeah, this surely is my online diary whatevs but i still want to keep some facts of my life to life itself, i mean, i don't want to be this kind of person whose blog everyone reads and will eventually learn everything about me from. some huge parts of my personality and daily behaviour/occurances are never described here. or not even in my handheld journal or anywhere. for instance my wild, reckless, uneducated approach to my teachers in which i interrupt them in midsentence to tell my jokes and  do this unrequited role-play dramas where i call them "mum" or "Lemuel" (my prof's actual name! ha ha) and say weird TV-cliche shit. also, i am student-teaching now and it's just really crazy and meta and i can't discipline my mouth half the time. such things (and others) are rather difficult to describe, so i leave them out of the drawn picture.
2) it's hard to write decently.
it is. being an English-major, the pressure of being coherent, cohesive, grammatically formal, etc, sometimes never leaves and it's jsut super-annoying. that's why if i want to do a little narrative of stuffthathappened i would rather do it by bullet-enumerations.

today (June 23) i went out in the afternoon (mainly for the sake of going out itself) and went to LB (it's a place) to buy a notebook because i am reading Pnin by Vladimir Nabokov and wanted to take down notes. i also want to look for underwear of this colour (is it turquoise or cyan? or aqua blue?) and buy dozens but i immediately forgot about it because i saw a pre-owned (pre-destroyed is more like it! ugh) copy of a biography of Sylvia Plath. and being my always oor apathetic self, i barely had any cash for more than one piece of desire.
book cover! i wish i have a tangible book isntead of a pathetic little ebook in my mobile :(
i kinda wish somebody would give me the briefs ofthat kind of shade, though. although it's quite embarrassing to receive such a present since giving presents of the clothing-category is more often than not followed by a "please wear it now! i want to see if it looks good on you!" --and i am not exactly looking forward to that. but still . . . idk. i want to hoarde neat and personal hygiene-related stuff because i might move out for a while from our house soon. i am not planning to run away, not this time, but there are reasons why i am likely to go. i can't tell about that yet either. ugh nevermind me.
no i am NOT fat. my jaws are just not well-crafted and tends to look like slime in this particular angle.