and the bothersomes

my teacher said i find it difficult to speak during recitations because i am "wordy" and i use lots of "conjuctions".i want to defend myself or do something (e.g; vomit slugs) but why defend when nobody's attacking? Idk. I don't think i am all that. I just didn't know how to put my answer into words sometimes. My grammar flow is decent enough most often (to raise doubt: see posts) and i never intend to be wordy. I am NOT wordy. I use the most accurate words my low-powered mind can come up with. Also, i didn't even intend to really answer. It's just that Glenn stood up a lot and i felt little beside him so i wanted to.. . .uh.. . .stand, too.
My teacher's words bothered me throughout the day. And the top of my head, too. Literally.

In the afternoon we had to start working on our Bulletin Board project. Me and two girl groupmates. I got to draw bunnyheads again! Since our designated month was April (easter).
After school i dropped by the barber's and was lucky it was still open. I have been scratching my head for three days now. It's not even itchy. I just felt as though the center of my head is incredibly delicate and vulnerable and had to make sure hair covers it. It's really very weird and i can't help my fingers going to it. I expected someone to punch a nail on my skull the whole time. It's very strange, really. I was uncomfortable as hell.
Haircut is ok. It was quite depressing to be stuck in front of a mirror for a long time. I am really quite handsome by features, i guess. But also saw my teeth is awfully yellow and my eyes are sunk.

largest bunnyhead form, so far. (i want to make a bust figurine) aaaaah

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  1. "Also, i didn't even intend to really answer." That alone