and the inability to tolerate.

i think i finally had enough of social networking shit now. i have been attached to Facebook and Twitter for quite a while, and it just tends to become really destructive (me, too) and exhausting and i am just annoyed at everyone right now. (and always).
am especially pissed with particular people who are either dumb or mindless and ones who tend to be deep and weirdly and stuff. can't stand kids who post such ambiguous crap you're supposed to interpret or ask them "what do you mean by that" or just feel stupid because they're acting all high-file paradoxic. please. it's already given that in the internet, nobody cares what you think. much less what you
mean by what you post.

whether you do what you do for selfish reasons or for attention, chances are, there will be unhappy readers. it is not your responsibility to please them, but it is theirs to avoid you, when instance occurs.

(i dedicate this entry to myself. Hurrah)

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