and the power of panicking.

first: note about the title: it's actually Chelsea who said that phrase in the title. about her messing up with their toilet flush. i wanted to use it here because i realized just a few minutes ago how powerful panicking actually is. it's like that feeling you get when you get crushed between two cars and instead of going all vegetableish you become extra smart and bodily hyperactive that all troubles seem to go away and with trembling hands, the mission is accomplished.  i am saying all of that because just now i think i broke some parts of my sister's desktop's PC (that is in a national emergency state), but with *the power of panicking* i got the job accomplished.  forget Adrenaline Rush. that sounds flourishy in the mouth but too cliche
i. am. your. real. father.

hurrah! My team is done with all of the decorations for our Happy April Summer bulletin board. I am very much amused with how things went. This feels to me like my very first huge scrap-artwork ever. It's really huge, man. One whole Illustration Board. It had been lonely at first, getting April as a month designed to us. I wanted October or July. But i realized that the fourth month is all about Easter bunnies, summer moods, beaches, and Fools. So my style appeared to be appropriate.
cool guy with my teacher's name tattooed on arm.
all we need now is glue and the board itself. white background belongs to clasmates' work.

On other news, i found a copy of Complex magazine with Lana Del Rey on the cover. Such a beautiful thing to have, yes.

Something else i am looking forward to is the mock-seminar Nikki and I are going to host. The topic i chose for us is Suicide. We have to provide food and things for the audience. Sad occassion.

here are illustrations i did for my friend Pauline's sister's school project. it's like, a children's big book contest featuring a very sad story. her little sister just made the perfect sad story. involving a small beggar girl, stoning-to-death-a-la-Jesus-Christ, rape, trucks, and death.   did i mention Pau's sister is just about eight years old? quite an author we've got there.   i failed to make it look extra nice or whatever since the only pens available were the ones i brought along every once in a while, and i tried my best to be parsimonious with them. i SWEAR i could have done better. it is my dream to finish a children's book, too.

girl being stoned
rapist alert.
post-rapist-alert preview
just some random fisherman throwing pail of fish scales at girl. ah~ putrefaction.
n.p:: Hit Me With Your Best Shot
cover art minus title and happiness

i was glad and flattered that Pau actually gave me food afterwards.
food is the best.
i love food.

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