*SPECIAL FEATURE* Life In Pictures: The Beatles

today i am off to display one of my lately acclaimed treasures (that can be found in a good number of bookstores nationwide), a picture book of The Beatles *insert intro beats of Come Together* ! This compilation by WS Publications consist mostly of photographs from the Daily Mail newspapers and other Beatles book anthologies; all in black and white.

it is an amusing read and although unfortunately, there no photos from actual album and promotion shoots (i was looking forward to that!) the stolen snapshots are good enough. They are in sharp quality and the glossy pages will surely give any reader much delight.
the coverage of the whole book (good information are told) starts from the beginning of their career in 1960s to the disbandment of the 'Fab Four'.
my favourite part is the second chapter, especially the Miami Beach pictures (man, were they cute!).

my drawing. based on photo above.

McCartney x Asher is perfect *u*

Miami Beach boys; fashion statement. hurrah

 It's just unspeakably strange how alive yet impalpable they seem to be.

Also, the price is prtty cheap for what it's worth. Only 160Php, (four dollars, approximately). So yeah. I quite heartfully to the book's conclusion, saying 'the Beatles are for ever'.

PS Paul was like, a god transformed into a charming doll transformed into a singer back then. Every photo of him was adorable.

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