and syllables, baby.

here's another randomly-versed, no-photo diary entry. i have been away from computers for a while now. quite an achievement to be proud of. Hurrah.
for some reason, i feel "priveleged" for having Saturday classes. it's cool how time seems to get by so quickly with Sir Napoleon (great name.yeah.yeah), probably because he speaks colourfully and acts like a humourless clown. Ha ha. i love Sir Nap. we all do. we had a sylLABle pronunciation activity toDAY, so at this point i shall PRObably CApitalize parts of my words where the intoNation is
we also had a no-ORdinary spelling quiz, where we are inclined to write past tense and PARticiples of verbs like Swim, Seek, Catch, etc. damn, dude. i felt as though all the words i know betrayed me. IT WAS DIFFICULT! then i bought (yet another) drawing pad in the mall. price tag says Scratch Pad, but we all know every blank sheet is a drawing pad for me.
There, there. . .

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