and reproduction

i think sexual intercourse is truly one of the strongest whatevers of this world and of all time encompassing. i say "whatevers" to label something that is conceptual; an act, idea, theory, action, art, a fraction of something blasted into smithereens, whatever. anyways, i say that, the first sentence, because Sex has always been Sex. murder may not be considered something brutal anymore, in the eyes of a cineaste watching a gore film, say. or the murderer himself. an accident is not really an accident for a fortuneteller, or Master Shifu in Kung Fu Panda. what i'm trying to say is that almost everything can be transferred into another context besides its denotation, except Sex. or Fucking. love the word. Sex is always about being carnal, being bold, lewd, sinful, scientific, artsy, unique, universal. SEX IS EVERYTHING. it is the ultimate requirement for all organisms. reproduction. oh, reproduction.

it's amusing how it controls humankind, in a subtle way you can never admit. psychologists (or people whose faith lies in the psychoanalytic theory) believe that the basic, innermost part of our minds are just bubbling cauldrons of boiling, hot, fluids of varying lust. and no matter how we fight that, we just end up surrendering to it. (exception: nuns) even Jesus must have banged Magdalene (oh my fucking god. literally.) (lol.get it?). Hitler might have used his mustache all for his lover's crotch and oh you can only imagine how there's this secret candy cane in the Santa Claus's pants inviting children to sit on his lap. i don't know. i think no matter how religions, or human beings themselves, evolve, sex will always be of its own region and will never be fulfilled in the way our id's want it captively.



i just really want to fuck right now.


  1. I wonder why I'm loving that song. Ahahahaha. Fudger.


    1. not surprised at all. Miniature Tigers is super awesome. :)