and little accomplishments

must have haircut since signing of school clearance requires semi-military-head-form hairstyle for males. goodbye, shield of my flailing lack of self-esteem.
today i felt great (and until now, actually) because i am already done with all the school projects, except one, which would really take long for anyone to finish. i see my classmates still working and rushing over their school work and in my mind i am like: "that's what you get for procrastinating. hah. look at me. i am FREE". maybe this is what they call Schadenfreude? uh.  i am just very glad i am done with it. (damn i should treat myself to a sundae or something!) 
the father of one of my friends. him and her are both the type of persons likely to be described in a Haruki Murakami novel.
this day began with the miserable accident of having pulled off the side zippers of my father's rescuer boots recklessly (the whole small zipper handle was REMOVED! now you can't pull it up!) which i have had the pleasures of using for a good lot of time now. i am devastated not particularly because it can not be used anymore but because i know my father will massacre my eardrums one more time and proceed with a blasphemous speech of how i am a demon sent to make Earth suffer once he learns of what happened. i must lie now and say i never knew it is broken and it was okay last time i used it. which, now that i think of it, is not effective, since it will only prove how careless i am in terms of any specific bodily movement; that characteristic of Shin the whole family despises most. this is totally worrying me and i have to find a way to put the blame on somebody else. same way my father does with his mistakes.

at school, we barely had nothing to do since the teachers hypothetically considered yesterday as our final day already and sure enough they had food in the faculty office. wait, what do teachers eat anyways? surely their cult of pedagogical violence involves mastication of human fetus and spaghetti made of brains of students whose cardiac arrests were cause by their brutally sarcastic exams.
oh you special special person~ <3
we had an exam in Special Topic Course (the subject in which each one of us had a turn to hold a seminar with our topic of choice)  and i just can not believe how stupid my friend's answer was in the question "what are 10 signs of being gay?" some of her responses were: -rich, -wise -artistic. i have no idea what she had in mind when writing that. in fact i have no idea if she had a mind at all in the first place.
and then submission of the myths our class had fabricated for Mythology class. we are already done with it since yesterday because i am an earnest writer (kidding.) and have finished it quickly. my two groupmates are lucky because all they had to do was type and print it and then relax like some basic bitches. the three of us just watched how panicked everybody else is with their prose and were like: "*yaaawn* this is getting boring."

as i am writing this, i am also Photoshop-cleaning some drawings (which are appearing in this entry) i did today. i am also totally digging the playlist Charlie did for Patrick in the book The Perks of Being a Wallflower. it's called One Winter and i absolutely love all songs in it except Scarborough Fair. sorry, Simon & Garfunkel.
so jealous of couples who love and lust each other equally
Miss Del Rey, will you serve me a lemonade
on the way home i was listening to this and unintentionally imagined my death and funeral and i was "assuming" she would cry. i ended up teary-eyed too. how abnormal.