and lost beyond faith

hello. yester-evening i went with family to La Laguna Festival. basically it's a convention-type feast of what the province where i live is  "proud of". every town has their respective "booths" resembling houses, with varying themes. shoes, bread, amoeba, etc.  it's like, a celebration and propagandaic activity to attract tourists and possibly, terrorists too. i know what i'm saying because i had this firsthand experience of wanting to throw grenades at the whole thing.
highlight of it all was when i got lost. it was just really frustrating because we were about to have dinner and i left to go to the pee-room and it took me a round-trip and a half to find it and an hour to find where the dinner-place actually is. no, wait. i didn't find where we are to eat dinner. i just went back to my sister's cakeshop booth due to stress and embarrassment towards self and waited until my two below-ten-year-old nephews get me to where they were having supper. i am most pathetic.
well, what else can i say? did i cry? almost. 
yeah;  being literally lost is probably one of the most upsetting situations any organic life form can get itself into. plus more difficulty when you see everyone either having fun or forcing fake smiles so as to succeed in achieving a new Facebook profile picture material.
i just want to forget the whole incident. all the time i was regretting coming. i should have just stayed at home and danced to Little Dragon songs. ugh. disappointments. also i think my arm veins have been torn off during that time because i also had to carry this massive tupperware of cupcakes for a loooooooong time. after that irrational punishment my hands were shaking as though undergoing final stages of nerve cancer (if such a case exists) for about two hours. poor Shin could barely hold anything without the inaccident of the object falling off.
anyways, i only took pictures in the ersatz chapel o' saints. it's the only thing that impressed me.

faggot meeting. see: glam Jesus's personal twink at his left. whereas second-from-right guy says: "and i was like: bitch do u want me to fuck ya ass off you cunt". whereas Jesus says: "whose calling card is this? (or) who the hell still uses calling fucking cards?!?" 
in which Mary says: "NOOOOOOOOOOO~" and guy in blanket says: "ugh shuttup famewhore bitch, somebody's  sleeping here, yknow"
theme song for being lost:
theme song for saints: