and paperwork (March 2013)

hi. theseare some illustrations i have done for this month, so far. my basic plan for this summer vacation (school is out) is to just read and draw a lot. i am not succeeding well so far. procrastination kills.
look how efficient! i  spent all my allowance for this! now i'm broke as much as possible! =D 
anyways, here they are:
"Cloud Hygiene" . the name of that guy is Oliver. i have no idea what this means or whatever. just wanted to do an experiment with watercolor and pastel.
Viveux XVI (my inspiration for this are beautiful words that begin with letter 'V'. venom, voluptuary, vulva, vellum, etc)
avocado heart;
fruit remixx
and that's it, folks.
update: just had a bad haircut now and i feel so vulnerable. might never be able to draw again. wah.