and programme

(the following texts are addressed directly to certain people whose names i have disguised for protection and lack of interest)
i am quickly typing all my thoughts in a rush right now because my father just banned me from using his laptop due to his lack of knowledge in using so. i know, that sounds weird, but that is the kind of person my father is. he is an egoistic idiot who gets mad over matters his ancient brain fail to comprehend. it is pitiful and definitely not my fault. i get blamed anyway. congrats to me. i want to tell him this "old dogs can't learn new tricks" thing but then again that's like admitting i am a puppy so i'd rather not.

regarding these vague facts discussed, this blog entry might be my last one for a good number of days. i will still be breathing via respirator (in terms of slow, un-two-tabs-able cellphone internet) in Faebook and twitter.
this post is about my birthday party thing. i really don't want to make a big deal out of it but Apple, a precious friend from elementary school (note: she has nothing to do with the iPhone company), said she would come after seeing my unintentionally "inviting" (what) collage poster. so yeah. her intentions include borrowing books and---that only. seems legit enough.
my other classmates/friends who are going to attend want the loud, non-life-changing dirty-market tidy birthday celebration type of event (including fcking Karaoke! microphone and lewd over-used commoner songs!)  they are used to in their remote areas of habitation, but sorry, guys. Shin is a well-refined young lad who prefers a quiet evening with dim lights among you few selected ladies (and boys, if Glenn and Cendrick would mind ever coming) and his idea of a 'party' is something more subtle. therefore, see: photos below
BEHOLD, MY FRIENDS. THIS IS HOW I EXPECT THINGS ARE GOING TO BE LIKE (or howw it would look as i picture it in my mind):
^last photo is very important.
i hope you got the idea clear in your minds now. and although the stinky atmosphere of my humble home is not competently attributing to the visual associations pleaded to be felt by the photographs above, you sre shouldn't mind it very well because, guys, it is not your birthday anyways. you are mere accessories to my happiness. ha ha. *iloveyouall*
music! you know me, and the music i am likely to play! here are some of them.