and Nuitberry

Nuitberry. or "I Killed Him Because He's Going To Die Anyway"
my name is Shin. and i rarely blog anymore because 1) as usual, there is nothing interesting in my life to ever write about and 2) our slowpoke internet connection makes me very upset.
i guess i just have to use this thing right now to show my new drawing, as seen above. to be honest i find it melancholic because nobody really seems to appreciate what i do except about three people. however Chelsea says that's usually how it works at first, so i'll be fine, i guess. it's just a bit threatening how i might never become a person who earns dough through drawing and just staying at home fiddling with watercolour and stuff. how fearsome the thought is.
another thing i worry about is my ever-growing pile of to-read books. i am thrilled about getting all of them finished but it shouldn't be that way since i must just enjoy each one individually.

must re-evaluate priorities. still has three packs of purchased books unopened since bought. my shelf is again running out of space although i have boxed up so much pocketbooks. how demure~
wall + a little of my workspace which i never "work" on because all my rubbage are located.   damn girl i seem like a contemplative minimalist if you look at it this way.
by the way i am now totally fascinated by camera flashes. my room was pitch black when i took this shots!
part of what i've been working on this afternoon. it's already finished, but i will only take a decent picture tomorrow since the whole paper is still very wet. he's just the other half of the whole thing. there's another character to come up!