and invitations

this is a 12" x 15" painting i did the day before yester's. it's called blóð turn; lumi i lotëve  (Blood Tower, River of Tears) the first phrase is icelandic, and then albanian. i like the sounds of them words so yeah, special thanks to Google translator.
i went to school yesteday to have my clearance signed and succeeded on that. however i still have problems regarding statistical matters of thesis. i should have gone there today, actually. but will delay it until tomorrow. after all, some people have it worse. ha ha. glorious mentalities.
i have also mailed a package to Eda. something i have wrapped up for some time now. miraculously, it dropped by her home early today. it is a super fast mail and i am very much amused. the expensive ship rate is well worth it.
this is one of the photographs included in there. i made a printed  photo playlist! picture property above belongs to her.
some invitation/poster i did. i just felt like collage-ing internet pics and came up with this. tumblr (in which all photographs are stolen from) is literally the best thing ever. my birthday is coming up and i am thrilled because friends will come over.
for Harry, who is going to get married soon. i am happy with the result of this one. he also wants me to do a large-scale painting as a gift to them newlyweds. i will try.
life is going by drearily (although it is boiling hot all the time, thanks global warming) but i don't really find matters too inconvenient. my mind is changing, i guess. i am still not finished with the Agatha Christie book i'm reading. and downloaded the wrong torrent film under the name Submarine. sigh. too upset to live, tho.
see you later.