and "Wallflower"

Dear Friend,
i have seen the film of The Perks Of Being A Wallflower (originally a book by Stephen Chbosky i've read some years ago) and it is just too perfect in so many ways. this entry might have gone some time earlier but i am unable to think of an appropriate way to execute my thoughts so i got over with this only today. notice that i have started by writing "Dear Friend", that is how Charlie (the protagonist) writes, so i did it that way. the film really made me emotional and i even dreamed about it, which is both a good and bad thing because now i am just totally craving for another life to be my life and i feel bad i don't have friends like Charlie and Sam and Patrick and Alice, i also get some heartstring attachment to matters i like once they come to me in sleep.. it is an amazing movie because it had an "old-picture" feel to it and the actors were very good and there is just this sublime quality to it which words fail to describe. the director of the film is also the author of the book, which is great because that made the movie greatly justifiable and acceptable to everyone.
the whole movie is just perfect and i can't move on from it. it penetrates. here are some images from the film, i might have got more but it really ruins my feels when i have to pause and screencapture and go back to the movie.

Love Always,