and Nightmare Vapours (in Haunt-mag.com)!

here are the actual photos of a fashion editorial i drew on. with the epic style blogger Panache Halloweentown . we did this all some weeks before christmas time and got published this February in the fourth issue of internet-based Haunt Magazine, i suggest you to read her post including the same photos in her blog because that includes a short narrative of how we worked and the concept for the drawings,etc. click here to go to her site, which also includes a short interview she did of me. i had to answer nine questions and wow, i just really like interviews because it makes me feel special and as though i really got to do something good.
anyways, i just have to tell also that i am a BIG FAN of Panache herself. i have been backreading her blog since, her style is just really cute and her taste in music is definitely better than anyone's bestfriend's. we met through twitter and she asked me if i'd like to do a project together and of course i am like "OHMYGOD WHO AM I TO SAY NO; PLEASE; LET'S DO THIS". the process had been fun.
i had Junji Ito's awesomesauce and some random dream-based doodles as references (see the actual "stickers" i used at the bottom of this post).
this one wasn't included in the Haunt-mag release. i don't know why. it's okay, though. i knew they had to edit a little.
balloons are inspired muchly by Junji Ito, he made a manga with stuff like that. i also used some vintage and floral patterns as designs in some doodles. you'll see.  PS that shoes makes me want that shoes. i mean look at the colour and texture and everything. basically i did those vines to make them take off her shoes and give it to me. then i decided the size might be too small for me. ha ha
featuring Uzumaki poster + pixeled watercolour germs
the thing in the wall is supposed to be some mushroom with a portal in the middle. i am not sure if it looks like so.
i really like this one. it's too badass. i mean, a PINK MACHINE GUN!!?? your mum wanted that all her childhood and never had one. ha. note: i had to Google what a machine gun looks like before drawing it.
this one has some sort of story in mind; a girl gets cornered by bullying blonde bitches and suddenly she goes like Raven of Teen Titans and the bunnies come out and them bitchez be like: "omg ghurl whatz going on" and then they become dumber than ever.
final photo. there goes the godly shoes again aaaaaahhhh~
so that's it. i am just very thankful to Ms. Wendy (aka Panache) because she was nice and not so stressful to work with unlike other people.
anyways, i realized both the editorials i had drawings on (the other being Slumber Dreams, in F Mag Cambodia) had titles that involve the concept of "dreams" "imagination" etc. i understand the thought but for me the addition of doodles is not to make it "Fascinating" or "imaginary", in fact it's more of, like, pushing "reality" to the next level. idk. i can't really explain it but you get the idea. this is the truth, guys, we are not alone.
anyways, here are the "stickers" i used for this project. special thanks to Photoshop for making my life a tad bearable;
there they are. thanks to everyone involved.
damn i miss Mystery Jets. i love this song so much. the video, too.