and balloons and balloons

whose birthday is it next week?
not mine!
well i just thought of asking that since i went to my nephew Sam's "rockstar"-themed 7th birthday party today. it was in a secluded area of some fast food/restaurant at the mall near my school and wow, dude, the food was great. there were red & black balloon decorations and i totally appreciated it all.
some pictures where i am found are not yet uploaded, but i have some here with me, taken by my ever-reliable ever-low-quality mobile phone. ha ha. there were not very much people and i felt not afraid because many groups of families barely knew each other so it was not like anyone was left out. everyone was left out in their own respective ways. that is a very good thing.
Sam, by the way, appeared in this blog before. in a very "interesting" post with nice, creative GIFs. wow. (here)
after the party (lasted about two hours) i strolled about the mall and bought a sketch pad (it's the high quality 160gsm  8.5"x11" type. expensive) and pen refills.
then we had to leave and i was at the back of the kind of car with only two seats and the back area was the kind which is sort of like a sandbox because it's just a rectangle thing where you can sit or put a bunch of inanimate objects into. the inanimate objects, in this case, were balloons used as decorations during the programme.  lots and lots o' balloons that my life literally hang by a thread because me and my father were at the very end of the whole car just so we won't have to sacrifice ourselves for the balloons' safety. helium is fun.
we had to drop by the birthday boy's house, to hand in the elliptical plastics of unfriendly air we hugged for dear life during that fateful travel. i watched little Sam unwrap a present after present and i actually felt some tint of envy. when did i last receive a gift? (last week. a book and notebook from E) the thing is, unwrapping gives a lot of delight and it really makes one's birthday special. when i get a girlfriend i am going to wrap a gift for her every month so in her actual birthday, she's gonna have a lot of gifts and she will feel special and loved. i want to experience that too, but without the pressure of "adults" watching my expressions change from amazement over a pair of patterned socks to disappoint over a mug.
although when i become a parent, i don't fancy giving such parties that will totally murder my wallet's soul. it is not exactly charitable for me to spend such cash for feeding people who does not feel anything sentimental about my son or daughter in the first place. my sister didn't really get wallet-pain, though. she has money. i wonder how much she earns a month from her cake-making stuff. if i were her, i'd run off to New York and have splurged all my income by now.
anyways, below lies some drawings i did while waiting for my father to insist i should take a bath already because we should go (but fuck, the event was like, 2 hours away still). random.
this last piee could be dancing either to Settle Down by Kimbra or Glitter Freze by Gorillaz. or Looking Glass by Little Dragon.