and the wall is alive

i planned last night to go to school today but suddenly did not felt like it so i slothed at home instead. also, drew something on wall. i intended to do this since everything had been painted white but never really got to it until now. i liked the results. hopefully i won't regret this now or after other people have seen it.
i think the idea was triggered by seeing a game of tic-tac-toe battled upon the square tiles of the men's toilet in school. inspirations are definitely anywhere. the name of the woman/ghost i drew is either Minerva or Waxine. will she look creepy with the lights off? --- um, no. she just turns invisible. awesome.
in manner of me being academically productive, i tallied the survey results for my thesis and learned how bad i am at counting. yes. counting. how unreliable can a young man be? my, young lady, don't even ask.
tomorrow i really have to go to school.