and birthday (!!!)


fellows, romans, cuntrymen!
i am interrupting my precious time of watching We Need To Talk About Kevin right now (thanks to Gasp! this is her gift to me. an illegal movie download, how romantic, right.) to talk about what happened yesterday. which is a very candid day of my life indeed. i had so much fun and laughs. it was, apparently, my 6938th day after birth and friends came over. mum cooked a lot yesterday and the night before yester's (might be reason why she has flu now. i am sad)
i was a bit upset at first because there was someone there who came that was not invited at all. and the nerve of hers to speak such ridiculously friendly-friendly sentences and questions! i hate it when people approach me as though we are great friends, if we aren't. also, note that i am never "nice" or "charming" to those whom i consider "friends", so.  anyways i forgot about it eventually after Kath and the others had arrived.
the food tasted great. although i never really got the hang of it except for the spaghetti. i had to watch over everyone to see if they're fine and enjoy stuff, so i barely got to eat. (food was not even on my mind at those moments! what a rare occurance!). there was karaoke with no modern songs (glad is my heart!) and Erlyn made this weird beverage involving mixture of liquor, coffee powder, evaporated milk, and coke.  i am not sure what that was all about but it tasted great and i may have had a bit too much because later, that night, my whole body literally turned red and super itchy.
i was funny and everyone else was, too.  (click photos for holistic enlargement. but then again why would you)
and then some friends from elementary school came over that night! when the fun cholesterolly people have left;
i received a gift from my previous student-teacher, a shirt with a cute print. and from Apple (girl in blue in photo above); she gave me a blank cassette and CD! i think this is a very creative sort of gift. 
i think, although i behave somehow half of my age, i am mature in many ways already. i just don't show it, but i begin to be more comprehensive and honest to what ever i feel. i hope things go well for me. i am growing to be less of an optimist. ha ha.
also, i made a playlist for while the visitors are eating. they didn't approve of it well.