and foam pizza

firstly, i want to introduce you to my girlfriend, her name is pizza. behold the photo below in which we are torridly devouring each other.
 ha ha. this day, a Friday, had been great! i went to school at about 2pm to get my library card validated and submit my survey tally for thesis to the statistician. (i failed to do both!) and then hung around with my classmates until Mik mentioned "pizza". ittotally changed the game plan. i suddenly felt this wild horny lust for pizza and so we did eat. Mik and Kath and I.
we went to the mall where Cendrick has been working. it was fun seeing him again and he is healthy there and is not particularly being bullied by the other salesmen unlike how i pictured things. so i am glad. i hope things go nicely for him since Cendrick is a good person after all. i miss him a lot. we had so much hilarious time together last semester. unfortunately he was not part of our little post-lunch pre-dinner small food party because, as said, he is at work. i treated Mik and Kath to slices of pizza which were too foamy in my taste. i felt really good. this is the first time Shin had initiated a "let's-eat-and-i-will-pay-for-it!" sort of thing and the two girls just could not believe it. i completely understand.

Eimee whi is apparently good at hairstyling tried to curl my pterodactyl-nest hair. the results reminds much of how my head looks when i just got up from bed. that, my friends, means "impeccable".

FOOD!!! (am proud of how my photo edit makes this look even more delicious)
see? foamy pizza. no crust, no hard textures. barely any toppings. just sheer, unadulterated foam. idk if this is good or not. the baker girl was cute so it was all forgiven, eventually. PS this was just on the display. not exactly what i've paid for. not exactly what i got.