and ligyrophobia

hello. i am very ready to sleep right now. i just finished doing nine different short tests and my brain is in an absolute state of comatose. mental matters are really difficult, it could be more exhausting than physical matters sometimes, since, after all, when the mind is tired, no part of the human body could ever be as functional anymore, except the involuntary ones.
today i had conducted the part of my thesis involving respondents (my classmates are dully cooperative. wow guys, thanks) and i also overheard some heavyweight problem my friend is into. she did not chose me as a confidante (i understand) so i guess i should just pretend i dont know anything (again, i just "overheard", chances are, i also just "misheard" it all)
THIS. is actually what motivated me to do a blog entry. i want to post it here.
also, i found this fantastic tumblr of new words that have fantastic meanings and all i want to do now is draw something to accompany each of them. earlier today i planned to paint for the evening, but then again, school projects.
tomorrow is officially our last day of classes! as classmates! wow!
but technically, it is not our last day. we have no "last day" because working on this size-12-Arial-fonted nightmare dubbed "thesis" is something that will haunt all of us classmates for the rest of our lives. i am also finishing Pokemon, so this might all turn out to be healthy and life-changing in the end.
now that i stop and think of it, maybe everything we do can be considered "life-changing", you know? how we comb our hair, pick our shirt, underwear, etc. surely all of these mundane facts do some ripple-effect drama to change what ever else may have lied before our paths.  (omg guys sorry about the existentialism shit. i am worse than stoned)
in other news, during some vacant no-lecture-time intervals today i read some stories from Haruki Murakami's short story anthology Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman and everything is suddenly sublimely ~surreal~ to me. i like Murakami's works a lot. i want to write stories too. kinda inspired by the pictures from an old journal entry i have also posted in this site.
goodnight now. it is one in the morning.