and lavenders~

hello, fans of the church! :) how are you all doing?
i really have put off blogging these past weeks, no? i actually find it very funny because the ultimate motivation in writing this entry was a compliment said to me a while ago. it's kind of stupid to be overly lazy about something for a period of time and only get excited with it again because of praises from others. that's the same case on my painting, too. i rarely do it anymore, tbh. i am not saying that i am compliment-hungry (like the people who post rather uninteresting Work-in-progress "artsy" shots everyday in Facebook. like ugh, why be so conceited? and fake-humble?) or whatever .it's more because of trying to focus on reading and writing these past few days. and concentrating a ~small~ fraction of my mind for school, too.

new painting inspired by feelings about what's written below! :) readreadread
well, how can i summarize this past week and the one before that?
but it's something, definitely. like yesterday, my angsty fag classmate got very mad at me because of some stupid remark i said, which was not even addressed to him (because i never talked to him anyways and doesn't give a shit about his whole existence)! he happened to take it by heart, or probably not very, too. all i know is that he hated me right from the first time we met and although there were rare times when we were "friends" ("friendship" included sending LPs of mainstream pop singers to each other), he just really hates me. that is the bottomline of it. i was also mad at him for being such an  unreasonably furious faggot and was on the verge of punching the hater out of him but i didn't want to make a scene, and i actually want to graduate and not get expelled because of some insecure shithead, so yeah. i am a peacemaker anyways. i just hope he's totally over it by Monday because i really wouldn't mind taking some action to make him calm down. i am not afraid of anyone. to be honest. and, i genuinely think there'd really be this point in which we would just have to fight to finally let go of whatever. it would be good for both of us, getting wounds and all. (but i don't want to touch him, now that i think of it. what a gross person. UGH.) he's very lucky that i didn't hit him, if you want to know the truth. it probably isn't evident but i am actually a good fighter.anyways,  this whole paragraph is bullshit.

in other news, i am now wearing the lavender uniform which is for Senior students! i only have one as of now and mum kindly laundries it every night and i have to kindly smile at people who mockingly call me "Professor" although it's not even a witty thing to say anymore. like, whatever. just leave me alone already.
i had to put a 2D mask on my classmates' faces because i don't think they want to be seen in my blog anyways.
and then i removed the masks to unveil Claud's pretty face and Bona's comedic face lol jk Bona is a funny closet-slut, tbh.
so um what do you think of me in this uniform? do you think young-achiever beau Professor Shin Oderschvank is worth the love of  teen, post-pubescent talcum-scented darling high school gurls now? <3 <3 <3 ayayay.
well not to brag or anything, but the Junior college class i have handled now call me their "favourite" and like me as their teacher. because the whole lecture-time becomes a little free-for-all storytime whatsoever. however, one student LOATHED me like fuck, because, i am "offensive" at some point (that point = always) and it actually made me feel bad last weekend. but i realize now it's still ok. at least it isn't me hating on myself like usual. what an improvement!

this is the book i am reading lately. biography of Sylvia Plath, it is the first time i used  pencil to underline parts i find interesting,  and add my own footnotes. some people would go against that but idk, i feel like an intelligent comprehensive reader, writing little notes! *u*
here's how i look like tonight. loljk. that's Rod Serling. creator and main author, narrator, sexy introductor of The Twilight Zone, more known to me as the best TV show ever.
there have been many seasons (and terrible post-70s remakes) but the original episodes can be found on vimeo. i wish i could tell what's it about but it's all just crazy and psycho-horrific and there's a different theme/plot in each episode, with its own respective heartbreaking twists in the end. some of my favourites are;
Eye of the Beholder
Monsters are Due on Maple Street
Walking Distance
the pilot episode:: Where Is Everybody
basically Rod Serling is my new style icon in terms of creativity in writing and overall sex appeal.
random filler. just if you're wondering if i still draw! :D
back to a school news, there are some koreans sent to our school for an English-language-learning course, we as the English majors have met them and i got to be friends with some. especially a very pretty 24-year-old! who looks twelve! who looks even cuter when smiling! ohmygod i'm blushing! i will write about her that stuff, when we get to have a picture together.

for now, that's all.

PS it's the birthday of someone special.