and why any person should never be blamed for bad things done to him/her

i just want to tell about something i noticed today. it's quite horrible, so you may not want to proceed reading any further.
today the teacher discussed Republic Acts (or laws, i think. is that a synonym for it?) regarding sexual harassments and the sexual abuses, offenses, etc that occur between teachers and students. i learned there that even mere, reckless touching (a pat, if you may.) or a one-second glance with semi-narrowed  (misty)eyes if reported may lead to exaggerated  accusations against a teacher. but i am not complaining about that. i completely understand the point of it.
the lecture was followed by an activity in which we would have to make a slogan/poster to promote fight against sexual abuse or at least warn people not to do it.
i am very much annoyed with the narrow moral  perspective most of my classmates had given upon the matter.
 most of them (being young women themselves) made signs and shits telling a woman not to wear mini-skirts, avoid being/looking slutty, telling them to behave nicely, etcetera. and i think that's bullshit.
i can't believe these people (ESPECIALLY THESE WOMEN. ACTUAL WOMEN WHO ALSO ARE LIKELY TO BE VICTIMIZED SEXUALLY) attack on women's behavior regarding the disgusting actions of harassment and such. i mean why is it the fault of women that they could be mistreated/disrespected? shouldn't it be sexist perverted men who should be preached about this? doesn't everyone have the right to be respected, regardless of what they wear, do, and act?
in other words, this;
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and this
this is not me, btw.
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a cruel, bastardly act committed to a woman is never be a woman's fault. if she didn't invite a lewd action verbally, then she probably doesn't want it and should never be accused of otherwise. i can't believe people at this time and age still see things that way.
it's all too fucking absurd.
i am not exactly what one would call a "feminist" (i am not even sure if any man could ever considered be "feminist") but thing is,  i know what's more proper and humanly. people should stop having these rules about what a man should be or what a woman should be because in the end, people are people regardless of whatever and being harmful to others should be avoided, as much as possible.